"If time is your enemy, let me be your friend."

Tony developed his expertise during his police career of 34 years. As a Senior Leader, he recognised the challenges and pressures faced by Leaders and the impact on the business and themselves.
He has an Executive Diploma in Leadership and Management, plus accreditations in Kaizen (continuous improvement, from Honda UK) , NLP and Coaching.

  • Tony is recognised by clients, colleagues and associates as an accomplished Leadership Specialist.
  • Tony’s particular specialty is working with SME Owners.
  • He is one himself.
  • The business owner feels an emotional attachment to their business, similar to that of their offspring. It is intense, and 'their creation' for which they are prepared to sacrifice time, effort, energy and resources, in order that 'their baby ' succeeds.
  • Tony has reframed his Leadership expertise for the benefit of business owners, senior executives, indeed, all with leadership responsibility.
  • This enables the 'Hamster on the wheel ' syndrome, to be eradicated.
  • Working with Tony, the Business Owner, is able to develop bespoke, effective strategies that enables the true potential of the business to be realised.
  • Tony creates an 'oasis of calm' that provides the Business Owner with a 'Time Dividend' to 'spend' on business development, and more personal goals as appropriate.
  • Tony says " Whilst there may be common themes in business, each client is unique with their own perspective on business and life. I develop rapport and trust, to become, a challenging, objective supporter of the client.
  • I recognise that this is THEIR Business, in which they are expert in their own profession.
  • Self-accountability, concerning behaviours, decisions and activities is probably the most significant challenge faced by an owner.
  • My coaching achieves this desired state, promoting effective and realistic planning for business development.
  • A good analogy to building a business, is construction of a house.
  • Firm foundations, appropriate materials, resources, skills and a plan, enable the structure to be built to the required standards.
  • There is a specified timeline for the deliverables, which produces accountability.