Case Studies

A. Chief Executive of the UK arm of a Franchise organisation covering 41 countries.
  • Turnover £4 million per anum in UK, when coaching commenced
  • 20 staff at Head Office.
  • 1.CEO, very strong personality and culture was 'command and control'.
  • No history of delegation
  • Challenging to develop staff, including a designated Deputy.
  • Home life of CEO suffered due to long hours at work
  • Under developed relationship building with customers.
  • 6 months after coaching started, UK Franchise, top performing of 41 worldwide.
  • CEO developed a coaching style of Leadership.
  • Culture of trust and empowerment developed.
  • Deputy developed authentic, appropriate authority
  • Family life of CEO became cherished
  • Appropriate recognition of importance of customers in building trust with company
  • Foundation for underprivileged children in Africa created and developed from profit sharing
B. Borough Commander ( Metropolitan Police Service) of 1,300 staff faced a series of challenges, externally and internally.
  • Recognition of need to transform model of service delivery to face these challenges was not shared by Senior Command Team (SCT) colleagues.
  • Engagement Strategy with operational staff produced positive response to change and confirmed the locus of challenge was the SCT.
  • In conjunction with the Borough Commander, strategies introduced and implemented that enabled the SCT to accept and embrace the need for change and strengthened the cohesion of the SCT.
  • Feedback from public and staff was very positive
Investment: £150 plus VAT, plus expenses, per hour.