"In the UK, four in ten small businesses will still be trading in five years."

Research by Ormsby Street www.smallbusiness.co.uk
This shocking statistic is unacceptable to me. It represents the death of so many dreams and hopes of would – be entrepreneurs, preventing them achieving the success they desire.
Research tells us that the two main causes of business failure are:
1. Leadership.
2. Lack of Planning.
I can help you to beat these odds.
My Leadership expertise, shaped and hard – won during my police career, is at your disposal.
I can see the world through your eyes, and impart my expertise, in a supportive, objective way, that helps you to develop and find the best solutions for YOU.
I can well understand how daunting it can be for you to envisage writing a Business Plan.
The thought of commitment to the development of your business in a structured and coherent manner, plus accountability to ourselves can be daunting.
Alternatively, you can ask yourself the question ‘What does success look like?’
Chancing to luck is not a strategy.
We will work together, using OUR unique, twelve step programme, (Schematic Business Design [copyright symbol]) to ensure that you achieve the sustained success your enterprise and determination deserve.
I realise how challenging it can be for us, as business owners, or executives, to ‘take people with us ‘.
It can be particularly challenging, when we are intending to change behaviours amongst the team, or, embrace cultural change.
In my police career, I found my accredited expertise in Structured Debriefing a valuable method to achieve these outcomes.